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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does a PPSR Certificate look like?

  • We have provided a sample PPSR certificate below. Please notice the highlighted sections which provide details of encumbrances, write-off history, and stolen vehicle notifications. If no security interest exists in the PPSR Registration Details section, this indicates that the vehicle has no encumbrances (money owing). If no records exist in the NEVDIS Written-off Notification section, this indicates that the vehicle has no write-off history. If no records exist in the NEVDIS Stolen Vehicle Notification section, this indicates that the vehicle has not been reported stolen.

    PPSR Certificate - Page 1 PPSR Certificate - Page 2
  • What is a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)?

  • The VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) is a unique code that is allocated to every vehicle in Australia since 1989. The VIN should be 17 characters long, consisting of only letters & numbers, and cannot contain the letters I, O, or Q.

  • Where can I find the VIN?

  • The VIN can be found on a metal plate, which is stamped on the chasis of the vehicle, usually on the door frame or in the engine bay. The VIN should also be printed on the registration certificate & roadworthy certificate.

  • What is the PPSR?

  • The PPSR is the Personal Property Securities Register. On the 30th of January 2012, the Personal Property Securities Register combined all Australian security interest registers, including the Register of Encumbered Vehicles (REVS). REVs no longer exists, but is still commonly referred to with regard to vehicle checks.

  • What is a PPSR Certificate?

  • A PPSR certificate is a document which is issued by the federal government (Australian Financial Security Authority) to list records of financial encumbrances (money owing etc.), as well as NEVDIS data such as vehicle registration details, including stolen vehicle data & a history of write-offs. We provide official PPSR certificates as part of our vehicle checks.

  • Why should I buy a Vehicle Check?

  • If you are purchasing a used vehicle, it is your responsibility to ensure there are no encumbrances, and the vehicle has not been reported as stolen or written-off. If you purchase a vehicle that has an encumbrance, as the new owner, you would assume any remaining debt. Likewise, if the vehicle has been written off or reported stolen, you may not have any legal recourse. A Vehicle Check not only gives you peace of mind, it also gives you protection under the law as per the PPSA 2009 (Cth)

  • When should I buy a Vehicle Check?

  • It is recommended that you buy a Vehicle Check on the day you purchase the vehicle.

  • How do I get a Vehicle Check?

  • Simply go to our home page, enter your VIN, click Search, and then complete your details in the next screen. As part of our Vehicle check, a PPSR certificate will be sent to the email address you entered. The PPSR certificate is sent via email as a PDF attachment. You will also get an on-screen summary of the PPSR certificate.

  • Can I get a Vehicle check for a pre-1989 vehicle?

  • Unfortunately no. Vehicles manufactured prior to 1989 do not have a VIN. If you have the Chassis No. for a vehicle manufactured prior 1989, you can get a Chassis No. check from websites such as

  • What if I entered the wrong VIN?

  • Unfortunately, we can't determine whether the VIN you entered was for the right vehicle. If you entered a valid VIN (17 characters long etc.) you will be charged.

  • Can I get a Vehicle Check for a boat, motorbike etc.?

  • We currently offer vehicle checks for a range of vehicles, including cars, motorbikes, trucks, trailers & caravans. You cannot get a vehicle check for a boat because they do not have a VIN, they have a HIN (Hull Identification Number). You can get a boat check from however.

  • Why haven't I received my Vehicle Check?

  • If the federal government PPSR database is busy, there could be a delay of several minutes before you receive your Vehicle Check via email. Alternatively, the email could be sitting in your junk email folder, so please check this first. If you are using a work email address, please contact your internal IT department, as unknown emails with attachments can sometimes be blocked automatically. If all else fails, please contact us & we will resend your Vehicle Check as soon as possible. There is no extra charge for reissuing a Vehicle Check.

  • What is NEVDIS?

  • NEVDIS (National Exchange of Vehicle and Driver Information System) is the system which provides vehicle details such as stolen vehicle notifications, written-off vehicle notifications, vehicle descriptions, registration details etc. NEVDIS data is included in the PPSR certificate.

  • What type of payments do you accept?

  • We accept PayPal and credit card payments. All major credit cards are accepted.

  • Tasmanian Stolen Vehicles?

  • Unfortunately, stolen vehicle information is currently unavailable for Tasmanian vehicles via the personal property securities register. This information is freely available via the Tasmanian government transport website

Any Questions?

Our dedicated Australian-based support team is ready to answer any questions you might have. We ask that you please visit our FAQs page first, as there might be an answer already waiting for you.