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The Inspection process is designed to accelerate your car buying decision



You identify the vehicle to be inspected, provide seller contact details, and communicate up to 3 personal checks.


An authorised technician is identified based on location, availability, vehicle type (passenger, hybrid, electric), and specific make work experience.


Tech confirms vehicle availability with seller and arranges a time to inspect. We only charge you once the inspection is scheduled.


Sydney NSW, Australia


Thanks for submitting!


We strongly recommend contacting your inspector for verbal clarification regarding any identified faults or issues. The complete authenticity and verification of the vehicle rest solely with the purchaser. While we do check VIN and engine numbers for tampering, we cannot provide an absolute guarantee. This report does not serve as a warranty or guarantee for any purpose.Our inspection and assessment process relies exclusively on visual and auditory observations, without any adjustments or component dismantling for diagnostic confirmation. Every precaution is taken; however, Check my ride Vehicle Inspection cannot report on defects that are either not visible or do not manifest during the inspection. It is the professional opinion of our experienced inspectors that the items are in the condition as indicated in this report. In the event of concerns regarding the accuracy of this report, please contact Check my ride before proceeding with any work.

Items We Do Not Examine Include: Fuel and oil consumption, timing belts, alarm/security systems, trip meters/computers, navigation equipment/GPS, operation of entertainment systems, automatic wiper and light functions, and bodywork water leaks. We also do not provide guarantees regarding the vehicle's previous repair history, and we do not measure body alignment or remove components. The ultimate visual inspection at the point of sale becomes the responsibility of the purchaser, and Check my ride cannot be held liable for any dents, damage, or changes in condition occurring after the initial inspection. We kindly request you to ensure that you view/print this report in color. In case you encounter any difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance. Check my ride strongly advises all potential buyers to verify any write-off history with the relevant authorities across Australia before making a purchase.

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